Structural Evaluations

With both houses and commercial properties, structural issues can arise. These issues can happen due to old age, damage from weather, or just not being built properly. At Pacifico Engineering, we can help you plan remodeling and help you to fix the major issues on your property.

Architectural Plan Reviews

We can help you with your architectural plan and give you direction on how to build a structurally sound property.

Removing Load Bearing Walls

Load bearing walls have to be removed carefully and properly. We can ensure you are doing no damage to your property when removing a load bearing wall.

Diagnosing Structural Issues

If you have come across a large crack in your foundation or eroding concrete on your property, we can help diagnose the issue and instruct you on how to repair it.

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    Structural Design and Repairs

    Ensuring your property has a sound structure is very important for its longevity. Our engineers are professionals who are qualified in finding structural issues and helping clients repair them. Serving all of Long Island, we are dedicated to helping our neighbors address the structural issues they are dealing with. We also help our clients design their structures to ensure the building will last as long as possible and will experience few issues in the future.

    Cost-Effective Engineering Services

    We want to save you time and money with your project!

    Here at Pacifico Engineering, we value providing our clients with cost-effective solutions and services. We know fixing foundational issues can be expensive and time consuming, so we suggest affordable, yet competent solutions. After we conduct our inspection on the faulty structure, we will walk you through all of the solutions for the problem, and we will answer any questions you may have. If you need one of our licensed engineers to review your architecture plans, we will help you find the least expensive way to have a secure and high-quality building.

    Meeting the Needs of Architects and Homeowners

    Whether you are a homeowner who needs help figuring out the cause and solution to a cracking foundation or an architect who needs guidance on building the perfect commercial building, we are here to help! We specialize in both residential and commercial structural design, and anyone can request our services. Our engineers can help you decide what to do about a load bearing wall that must be removed, which structural elements to use with a new home, and even where you need to use an arched doorway or a squared one. Just let us know your plans, have us do an inspection on the building, and we will give you our professional advice.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A structural evaluation is an evaluation of a specific or general issue with the building structure. It may be an evaluation of a sagging floor or roof, a crack , bow, or out of plumb/level condition, or a modification to the building. A report will be provided on what we found, and if a simple repair can be done, we provide a description of the repair. In some cases it may not be a simple repair, and as a separate item, repair plans may need to created.

    Ensure Your Building’s Foundation is Secure – Contact Us!

      Our Other Services

      Building Inspections

      Before you buy or sell a property, you must make sure it is in a safe condition. Whether you are buying or selling, getting an inspection can help you save money during the transaction. Our engineers can help point out any issue with a home or commercial building through an inspection.

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      Solar Energy

      Here at Pacifico, our engineers can design and evaluate your solar energy systems to ensure they are safely mounted and will not cause severe damage to your roof. We will also help you show proof to the city that your panels are approved by one of our licensed engineers, so you are following the laws set in place.

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      Septic system failures are unpleasant and can become a serious issue under the wrong conditions. Our designs for installing, repairing, and expanding septic systems account for your entire property- all but eliminating the chance that you’ll have to make a call to repair a failing system.

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      Flammable Finish Licenses

      Acquiring a Flammable Finish License for a shop that works with flammable and combustible liquids can be tedious, but necessary. We take the guess work out, so you don’t have to worry about getting approved for your license or potentially getting fined for not having it.

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