Solar Energy

Solar energy systems are much more complicated than they seem. When improperly installed, severe damage can be caused. These issues can result in legal and insurance issues on top of the cost of repairs. It is best to avoid all of these issues and hire a licensed engineer experienced with solar energy systems to design and evaluate the mounting system.

Structural Mounting System Design

Avoid catastrophic failures by hiring a licensed engineer to professionally design your mounting system and evaluate the structural loads. Poorly evaluated structural loads can result in dangerous and expensive system failures.

Electrical Design

Hire a licensed engineer to perform the electrical design to avoid dangerous and costly mistakes.

Building Code Enforcement

We can certify that your solar energy system is up to code for it to be approved by the building department.

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Ensuring Your Solar Panels Are Placed Correctly

We Use No Guesswork With Our Designs and Evaluations

Our team has developed mathematical equations to help us understand if the capability of the solar energy system and its mountings will be secure or not. The engineer will analyze each factor of the solar energy system and its mounting. With our experience and perfected equations, you can be confident in the structural design of your solar energy system.

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    Solar Energy System Design

    Our engineers can design a solar energy mounting system to safely sit on your roof. We are dedicated to designing safe and effective solar energy systems, and ensure they will outlast rain, snow, or any other environmental factor that can increase the load of the structure.

    Meeting Your Needs with Solar Panel Certifications

    When you are mounting solar panels, you will need to get them approved by a licensed design professional to verify conformance with all applicable codes. Here at Pacifico Engineering, we have great experience evaluating solar energy systems and making sure they meet building codes. We can help you get your design approved to meet all the codes required.

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