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Before you purchase or sell a property, you should get it inspected by a licensed engineer. This way, you know what you are getting into with the property. For buyers, this is to know if they property has problems before finalizing the purchase. On the other hand, for sellers, they should get their property inspected to see what the buyer’s inspector will uncover later on. No matter if you are the buyer or seller, you can request an inspection from us.


In order for the seller to get as much as possible for the home, and the buyer pays what the home is worth, a home inspection by a licensed engineer like Pacifico’s is vital.


The hidden issues uncovered during your Pacifico Engineering Commercial Building Inspection could be the difference between having a peace of mind knowing you are safe and secure, or you can get caught up spending thousands on fixing structural issues.

Full-Service Inspections

Once your Pacifico Engineering inspection is complete, we will provide you with a thorough report that will be in your hands within 24 to 48 hours.

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    Engineering Services

    At Pacifico Engineering, we are dedicated to helping you see more than what meets the eye. We want your buying or selling decision to be well-informed and for you to feel secure. Whether we are helping you get more from selling your property, or helping you move into a property needing minimal repairs, we are here to serve you.

    Licensed Building Inspections at a Fair Rate

    Highly Rated and Established Property Inspectors

    Our clients boast about our professional and quality services. With our fast report delivery and fair rates, our services are exceptional. We will bring up any issues we find with the property and we encourage you to ask any questions you may have.

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    Meeting a Wide Range of Inspection Needs

    At Pacifico Engineering, we meet every need you can think of when it comes to commercial and residential inspections. We check everything from the roof, appliances, electrical systems, heating systems, and water leaks. You can count on us to conduct a thorough and detailed inspection on the property in question.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Commercial inspections should always be performed by a licensed engineer. A home inspection license only allows inspections of 1 to 4 family residential buildings that have been lived in before.

    Commercial buildings are different than residential buildings in that they may constructed of different materials, they can have very different electrical systems, and the overall requirements of the building are different than a residential building.

    A home inspector should never inspect a new home or a commercial building.

    There is no pass/fail on an inspection. Every building has items that will come up. It really depends on the client’s expectations. Most clients have an expectation that in an older building there will be some work required, so it comes down to if the items noted in the inspection report are what was expected, or if it is more than the client expected.

    Home Inspections can be performed by Licensed Professional Engineers (PE) or licensed Home Inspectors (HI).

    A PE has

    • 4 year degree in Engineering
    • 4 years documented work experience
    • Has passed 2 rigorous 8 hour long exams
    • Has demonstrated an understanding of complex systems and interactions
    • Is legally qualified to evaluate structures

    A HI has

    • High School education or equivalent
    • 100 hour training class
    • 20 hours work experience
    • Has passed a single 2 hour exam
    • Has not demonstrated understanding of systems and interactions, only the presence and operation of systems
    • Is not legally allowed to evaluate structures

    Why You Need an Engineer, Not a Home Inspector

    Before you purchase or sell a home or building, you need to have it inspected by a professional to ensure that you know what you are getting into. This is a large investment, perhaps the largest of your life, and there are many interconnected parts and pieces that must all work in harmony to keep you safe, secure and comfortable for many years to come. An issue with just one of the hundreds of elements of your new building could ruin the investment for you and cause large unforeseen expenses and many headaches down the road.

    A professional engineer is qualified and legally able to evaluate the structural integrity of any building. A Pacifico Engineering Home Inspection or Building Inspection is a thorough inspection of every element of your building, from roof to foundation, usually lasting two or more hours. At the completion of Pacifico Engineering’s thorough inspection, we provide you with a complete, custom, easy to understand report of our findings. These reports are usually delivered within 1-2 business days. After you receive your report, we are available to discuss any element of the report with you and answer any questions you may have.

    What You Get With Each Inspection

    During the inspection, you will be given the information on how to control, turn on, turn off, and maintain all the systems in the building. Any items of concern will be brought to your attention. If a system does not work, is not safe, is nearing the end of its useful life, has been installed or maintained incorrectly, or is just not right, you will know.

    Furthermore, any full service commercial property inspection provided by Pacifico Engineering meets the National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers Standards of Practice. We will provide you with a complete, custom, easy to understand report of our findings, usually within 24-48 hours. At this time, you are encouraged to ask all the questions you can think of. The engineer’s inspection is the best time to get the information. When the inspection is over, you will likely know more about the building than the owner!

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