Parking Garage Condition Assessments

New York State recently updated its rules to require owner/operators of parking garages obtain an operating permit. As part of the operating permit, the parking garage must have a condition assessment performed every 3 years by a licensed Professional Engineer.

Parking Garages

A parking garage is defined as any building or structure, in which any structural level is used for parking or storage of motor vehicles above grade, excluding parking exclusively for a single or two family residence or a town house. If you have parking above grade on a structure, then it is a parking garage.

What is the Condition Assessment?

The condition assessment is an evaluation and description of the extent of deterioration and conditions that cause deterioration, performed by a licensed Professional Engineer.

When to Get the Condition Assessment

New parking garages are to have the condition assessment prior to issuance of certificate of Occupancy. Existing parking garages may require a condition assessment depending on when they were constructed and when the last assessment was performed.

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    When Is A Parking Garage Condition Assessment Required?

    In order to receive a valid NYS operating permit, new laws require owners/operators of parking garages to have a condition assessment performed on the site by a licensed engineer every 3 years. These laws require new parking garages to receive the assessment prior to receiving their certificate of Occupancy. In the case of existing parking garages this assessment is required if the location can be described by any of the following:


    -Constructed prior to Jan 1, 1984, previous condition assessment performed prior Oct 1, 2019.
    -Constructed between Jan 1, 1984 and Dec 31, 2002, previous condition assessment performed prior to Oct 1, 2020
    -Constructed between Jan 1, 2003 and after, previous condition assessment performed prior to Oct 1, 2021

    About The Assessment

    According to the new rule in New York State, private, municipal, and State-owned parking facilities must comply with the new code. The purpose of the Parking Garage Condition Assessment is to evaluate the safety of the structure as it is affected by current and future conditions. When evaluating the facility, we will look to highlight the immediately unsafe conditions, as well as the at-risk areas which must be remedied, as they could quickly become a safety concern. The report for this assessment includes the identification of all unsafe or at-risk conditions, recommended solutions, the potential risks of not addressing the deterioration/defects, and additional preventative recommendations for ongoing maintenance of the location.

    Get your parking facility up to code.

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